Herald Irene Joy

Herald Irene Joy



My name is Herald Irene Joy, 10 years back I started my career as a Camera man I started doing work for others as a camera man. And slowly I started a Youtube Channel called Herald Motivation with my friend Issac Joy. I reached that till 64k subscribers then I got works from outside like for Production and Managing The Whole Social Media. Then I started my own company called HERALD GROUP. I got staffs to do my clients work and till now I manage 70% off Churches in India Kerala and 10% off Churches in Delhi

Now I have 50+ Staffs at work home in different places and if some give us a appointment to check there Production I go with my team and give them a advice for their Social Media etc… and if they want us to manage their Production surely me and my is ready! (HERALD GROUP)


2007 - 2023

Social Media & Digital Marketing​

Have a own Digital Marketing company.​

From 2007 I was Working my self under people and after 2016 I started my own company called HERALD GROUP. After that I put staff as work at home and they all the social media platform’s work from my client such as : Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. Also I do Live Streaming Like; Pre Recoded Videos or Physical Live Like Church Sunday Worship Live on Social Media Platform’s.

2016 - 2023

Whole Media Production​

Have a own Company.

I do whole media production for TV Channels, Churches and I also do Song Shooting, Web Series, Promo etc.. as Digital I do Website DESIGNING, Graphic DESIGNING, Video EDITING, Promo EDITING etc… And I do stage Lighting, Decoration, Camera Setting, Selecting Good Camera Or Suitable Media Equipment and Production etc.. Behind I have my Team with me! (HERALD GROUP)



Digital Marketing






Graphic Designing


Video Shooting


Video Editing